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Green Dog Healthy Motion

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Green Dog Healthy Motion
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Green Dog Healthy Motion

Made with 65% Organic Ingredients
The only product that supports long-term joint function while providing immediate support to ease discomfort associated with normal exercise and daily activity.

Supports the Long-Term Health of Joints with Motion from the Ocean
Ocean-source glucosamine, chondroitin and omegas from wild salmon, cod and tuna, plus MSM all help support the structural integrity of joints, muscles and connective tissues.

Eases Discomfort
Our proprietary joint comfort blend of botanicals and enzymes, researched for their benefits in addressing inflammation, eases discomfort associated with normal exercise and daily activity.

Provides Whole Food Nutrition
Organic flax and antioxidant green superfoods provide phytonutrients with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that support good health

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  • Manufactured by: Green Dog Naturals

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