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Muck Jobber Boots
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Muck Jobber Boots

Muck Boot Jobber™ - 6" All-Conditions Work Boot

For those really wet and dirty jobs, these boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry in almost any climate or condition. The Jobber™ is 100% waterproof with a self-cleaning outsole that wraps the entire perimeter to provide maximum protection and stability. These boots have a comfort range of 85F to sub-freezing along with a 10 mm kick rim for hands-free removal.



·         100% Waterproof, CR foam bootie construction.

·         Self-cleaning outsole wraps the entire perimeter to provide maximum protection and stability.

·         Seamless quick-clean rubber overlay.

·         Comfort range of 85F to sub-freezing.

·         Added toe protection with wrap-up toe bumper.

·         Sizes available in black  from Men's 5-14 or Women's 6-13.


Sizing Note:
When determining your size, it is best to refer to your standard “Athletic-Shoe Size”. Muck Boot™ products are made in whole sizes. For use with thick socks or half sizes, please select the next size up. (Example: If you are an 8 ½ size, select our Size 9 shoe or boot.) The best fit is achieved by wearing a medium-weight athletic sock.

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  • Manufactured by: Muck Company

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